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04 May 2010

Coffee, Cakes, Pies and More at Banapple

Me and my hubby love to eat in nice quaint and quiet places. We usually go out to eat every weekend, either a Saturday and Sunday. We like to explore and try out different restaurants in different places.

Last January, we went to a small restaurant along Katipunan Avenue in Quezon City, the name of the place is Banapple. It was very quaint and homey and the food was really good! They have two branches along the Katipunan area, one near Blue Ridge A and the other one, near the Labor Hospital, they also have a branch in Il Terrazo along Scout Madrinan, also in Quezon City.

On our first visit, hubby and I shared this marvelous Lasagna Wraps


It's meaty, the sauce is just right (meaning the pasta is not swimming in sauce!) And it's served with two slices of bread!

For dessert, we had a slice each of their famous Banoffee Pie and the Dark Chocolate Tiramisu respectively. I apologize for the photo, I can't help myself, I had to dig in before I realized I had to take the photo.


So, if you're along the Katipunan area, drop by and check out this place. Highly recommended!

And before I forget, we paid less than Php 500 for the entire meal.