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16 May 2010

Congo Grille Grills It!

Dining out is always a good experience for me, because it gives me ideas on how dishes can be prepared. It also gives me time to share a good experience with my hubby, who also likes eating out.

We had a late lunch in Congo Grille, Araneta Center, Cubao sometime last March and the dining experience was pleasant.

The place had a relaxing feel to it, even though it's located near one of the busiest malls in Cubao (SM) and the big grocery (Shopwise).

We had garlic rice, which when topped off with their famous sisig is a treat that one will enjoy.


Congo Grille boasts of having the best sisig and won some contests in the previous years. They have all the rights to do so. Their sisig is crispy on the outside, but it also had the tender feel after the first crunch.

I also ate tortang talong. Unfortunately, hubby cannot enjoy this dish with me as he has an allergic reaction to eating eggplants.


This one was served in quite a big portion, which I was not able to finish. It was packed with flavor which will make one think that he is full even if the stomach says "I want more!"

The creame of the crop for me:


Congo Iced Tea

The restaurant's own blend of iced tea. Just looking at it makes me want to go back to the restaurant and order more. Sad to say though, it does not come in the refillable servings.