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29 May 2010

Misaki's Japanese Cuisine

Hubby and I love going to dainty and quaint restaurants. Some of them are quite out of the way. Here's one that we always see when ever we go places. It's quite near the house, but it's also hard to get a ride home so we never really got the nerves to take a look at the place, until today.

The name: Misaki
Type of cuisine: Japanese
Location: Marikina Heights, Marikina City (Landmark: Near St. Scholastica Marikina)

Here's what the place looks like


When you go inside Misaki's, you will transported to a quiet garden. It's very easy to ignore the goings on outside.

Inside the cafe


The tables are quite low, I think they're really trying to keep up with the Japanese theme of the restaurant.

What we ate:


Yakisoba - it tasted like ordinary pancit. A little disappointing.


California Maki - this one was quite good! And the condiment used for it was authentic Japanese condiment. I'm such a fan of wasabi, but theirs was not that spicy.

For drinks:


On the right side is the Mocha Frost for myself and the other one, Melon shake for hubby. Both tasted good. There's no taste of instant coffee on my mocha frost and when I tried hubby's shake, it tasted like they used fresh melons.

To rate what we ate:
California Maki 7/10
Yakisoba 5/10
Drinks 7/10
Ambiance 7/10
Value for your money 8/10
Why? Because we only paid Php 279.00 for everything
Other comments: They have so much food on their menu and from what we have tried, maybe we can stop by there again to give their other dishes a try.