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11 May 2010

Pinoy Favorites at KKK Pinoy Food Revolution Cubao

For my first entry to my world, I decided to share this post. Mother's Day: A day to celebrate the most wonderful woman in our lives, our mothers. This year, this special day was slated last May 9th, Sunday. We decided to bring my mother on a date a day earlier, to avoid the crowd.

We took her to this nice place located in SM Cubao. The name of the place KKK, Pinoy Food Revolution.

The front of the restaurant. The great big menu is a good draw in for the crowd. One can actually read their menu, know what they serve and of course the price.

Inside the restaurant, it looked so homey. We all loved the native accents of the place.

We took the alcove, a quiet private place for the family. As you can see, it's just the four of us, my mom, a friend of hers, my hubby and of course me holding the cam.

What we had:

Kare-Kare - a Filipino favorite, it's stew made usually of beef with some eggplants, string beans, cooked with peanut butter sauce. Served with bagoong (shrimp paste).

I ordered this because most kare-kare dishes served in different restaurants are made of tuwalya (tongue) and I don't eat kare-kare made from that or similar ingredients. This one tasted good, enough peanut butter and you can taste the individual ingredients as well as the whole dish. The only thing I didn't like about it is that, it also had tuwalya.

Lechon Kawali (Binagoongan) - deep fried pork cutlets served with shrimp paste.

This one I would say is a 9/10! Almost perfect, I only ordered this thinking that it will have gata (coconut milk) typical of binagoongan. But it was dry, it was just topped with the shrimp paste (good thing though, because we also used the bagoong for the kare-kare).

Ginisang Pancit Sotanghon

When I saw the serving, I got surprised! It was big, enough for 4 people to share. It had the typical ingredients of pancit (shrimps, boiled eggs, veggies). It tasted good and if my mom (who is Kapampangan and a good cook) gives the thumbs up, I believe that she enjoyed a particular dish. She gave her thumbs up on this one.

No photos though, we had classic sinangag (garlic rice), refillable iced tea for me and my hubby and refillable sago't gulaman for my mom and her friend.

In summary, the ambiance of this restaurant in Cubao takes you back into olden days, 9/10. The food was great, 9/10 for all the dishes served. The service was very good, the crew was nice, they served with smiles on their faces and they were quite fast. Value for money 9/10 as well. We only paid Php1,000 for everything that we ordered.