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25 June 2010

Sinigang na Baboy (Pork in Tamarind Broth)

Serving this dish on a cold rainy day.

The aroma, thick sour soup, the tender meat! All this adds up to a dish that you would want to eat on a cold rainy day.

What do you need to make this soup?

1K Pork kasim sliced into chunks
4pcs medium eggplants sliced diagonally
10pcs okra sliced into 2
1/2K medium sized Gabi (taro, skin peeled)
kangkong, sitaw or sigarilyas, radish, chili pepper green
6pcs of medium sized tomatoes cut into fours
1 teaspoon of whole pepper corns
1 medium onion sliced into 4
personally I put
2 packs of Knorr sinigang mix (good for 4 liters, 1 original mix and 1 with gabi)
2 liters of water


How to make the sinigang

1. Boil the pork in 2 liters of water and wait until tender
2. When the pork is tender, add the tomatoes, onions, whole pepper corns and gabi
3. Try the gabi and if it's soft, add the other veggies except the kangkong and eggplants
4. I always try to mash some gabi into the broth to thicken it, if you don't want it thick there's no need to mash the gabi. Add the sinigang mix (you can put just one pack if you don't want it too sour)
5. Let the broth boil then add the kangkong and eggplants. Simmer for 3 minutes, season to taste and turn off the stove.


(Minimalist sinigang)

It's ready to be served!