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09 July 2010

Pan de Amerikana - Marikina City

Last Saturday I was able to convince my hubby to go with me to Pan de Amerikana and have lunch there before going to the grocery.

Going inside the place, I found a very cool looking restaurant! They even had a man made lagoon/pond inside the restaurant!

We went to the counter to place our orders and I was surprised at the prices, they were sooooooo affordable.

Looking for our meal, I wanted to try most of their food, so we asked about the family platter, the crew said it's good for four to five people. There were only two of us, so we decided to look for something that's good for at least 3 people. We had the sinugba platter

It has 2 pieces of grilled tilapia, 2 sticks of pork barbeque, a slice of liempo, 2 pieces of grilled eggplant, a couple of steamed okra, slices of tomatoes, achara and a small serving of bagoong balayan and calamansi.

We had a great meal! The eggplants were sweet and it was cooked right, the skin may have looked burnt, but inside it was soft and moist.

The fish was tender, the liempo had a nice taste to it and the barbeque, let's just say it's something that you would want to go back and have again.

Overall, the meal was superb, served on time freshly cooked.

As for the ambiance, it's a 10/10
Food 10/10
Price 10/10 because we only paid a little over 300 pesos for everything, including 2 cups of rice and a pitcher of iced tea.

Their other products include a giant pan de sal which they sell for 55pesos and it took the two of us 3 days to finish the whole thing.

A highly recommended place to go to.