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23 September 2010

Affordable Italian at Joey Pepperoni

Aside from Mexican food, hubby and I both love, love, LOVE Italian food.

We don't like those Americanized, supersized pizzas that have toppings which came from anything and everything under the sun. Also, when it comes to pasta, we love something that's quite sour, something that tastes like real tomatoes.

We got intrigued by this small restaurant in SM Cubao, the name of the place - Joey Pepperoni.


According to the history of the restaurant, it is managed by an Italian chef who moved to the Philippines and decided to share his Italian palate heritage with Filipino foodies.

Hubby is not on a diet, so got the combo meal that had pasta and a sandwich.


I tried the sandwich and it was superb. The serving may be quite small for most, but it was packed with flavor, that one would get full just from the taste of it.

Being on a diet, I had the pasta and salad combo meal.


The pasta can be described as heavenly. There were no supersized chunks of meat, but the sauce tasted as if it was made from scratch (fresh ingredients). The Italian sour tang was there and there was a taste of some herb that I really can't place which complemented it. Yummy!


The salad was made from fresh vegetables and the dressing that came with it, topped the salad with a flavor that only those who like sour food would like.

If you're a fan of that particular Italian flavor and you would want to try something that was made by an Italian or at least was made under the supervision of one, and you are on a budget, Joey Pepperoni is the way to go.