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29 October 2010

Orchard Road - SM Megamall

Hubby and I love good food. On our days in SM Megamall, we always pass by this new restaurant at the bridge connecting Mega Buildings A and B, the name Orchard Road.


The first time we decided to take a peek was when we had our minds set on eating at French Baker. We decided to go there, the next time we go to Megamall. Last week, we had the chance of sitting there and try their meals.


For first timers, you have to go to the counter and get their menu/order slip. There are little oval shapes beside each dish, which you have to mark to indicate which one you want to order.

Bring the order slip with your order marks to the counter, place your order and pay for the meal. Then you can go back to your seat and wait for the food to be served.

It was a cold day when we went there, so we decided to try their beef noodle soup


The good thing about Orchard Road is that they prepare everything the time that you place your order. When the bowl was placed before us, we were surprised at the size of the serving. It was huge! And we had a hard time finishing it up.

As for the taste, it was good. There's enough beef strips to make the noodle taste like beef and the greens made it more delicious. It wasn't salty, but it have a taste of fish. We found the source of the flavor, a tiny fish in the soup! Not bad, but if you like beef only flavor in your soup, you may not like their style.


For drinks, we had the cold barley. I know that barley is a grain and I was amazed at this drink. It was a little sweet (natural from the barley) and it took away our thirst, cleansed our palate to make us enjoy our food more.


I had their Lemon Chicken with Fried Egg and Plain Rice. I could say that this one is one of the better lemon chickens that I've tasted so far. Nothing spectacular, but it doesn't have is the taste similar to artificial chemicals used as lemon flavoring, which is something that I noticed when I order this from other places.


Hubby had beef teriyaki. I tried it and it wasn't so bad. Maybe a little salty for my taste, but nonetheless, it was edible.

My overall experience, it wasn't so bad. I might go back there and sample their other dishes. Although, I think I should go to Rasa and try to compare their menu, prices and taste.

How much did we pay for the entire meal? Less than Php 700. Not bad.