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29 November 2010

Chicken in Olive Oil with Salsa

Chicken, a great main ingredient for so many meals. As much as I love fried chicken, I try to stay away from it, especially chicken skin. Looking for something new to eat aside from the usual KFC, I stumbled on El Pollo Loco in Megamall one time. From the first time I tasted their chicken, I got hooked! Unfortunately though, I can't go to Megamall that often, so I decided to take matters into my own hands and experiment, try to make something that's healthy just like the grilled chicken that I've had.

What you need

(for the chicken)
500 grams of Chicken Breast (fillet)
2 medium tomatoes diced
1 medium bulb onion diced
2 to 3 stalks of wansoy (English name= Chinese Parsley, Coriander or Cilantro) or kinchay (parsley)
1 small pack of magic sarap
1/2 cup water
5 tablespoons Olive Oil

(for the salsa)
5 to 8 medium sized tomatoes diced
1 medium bulb onion
5 stalks of wansoy (English name= Chinese Parsley, Coriander or Cilantro) or kinchay (parsley)
5 pieces of chili pepper
1 teaspoon of salt (amount of salt is dependent on how salty you want to make it)

How to do it

Boil the chicken breast fillet in water, with tomatoes, onions, herbs, and magic sarap. Wait until the chicken is tender and make sure that it's dry.
Put the flame on low heat and add the olive oit, sear the chicken.

For the salsa:

Mix all ingredients in a bowl and chill. Personally, I like my salsa chunky.

After the chicken has been seared, put on a plate and serve with the chilled salsa. If you want to serve it taco style, shred some lettuce head, grate some cheese and voila! served with taco shells, it tastes great!

This dish goes well with
-pan de sal
-taco shells
- or rice

Update: 07 July 2017: Sorry for the missing photos. My images used to be hosted on Photobucket and Now I can't download them to transfer them to another site so I can show them again here.

My Yummy Sunday Post

28 November 2010

Chocolat - Dessert for the gods

If there's one thing that I love more than finding a new place to dine in, it's going out and finding a new place to dine in that serves great tasting but affordable desserts.

I have a sweet tooth which means I love eating desserts when ever I can. Hubby and I discovered Chocolat in SM Mall of Asia four years ago. The establishment certainly made it to my top five list of restaurants that serve the best desserts. Unfortunately due to distance, I can't go there all the time. We visited the place again early this year and ate a slice of their wondrous chocolate cake, my verdict: the quality of their cakes did not change and the best part, the prices were almost the same too! Aside from the chocolate cake, I also ordered six pieces of their heavenly lemon bars to take home.

I'll be going there again sometime soon, I'll give all of you guys an update of how it went.

Update: 07 July 2017: Sorry for the missing photos. My images used to be hosted on Photobucket and Now I can't download them to transfer them to another site so I can show them again here.

A Post for Yummy Sunday

26 November 2010

The Sandwich Guy

Here's a place where I love to get my food, especially if I'm on the go. The name of the place, The Sandwich Guy

What do I love about it?

Their vast list of sandwiches
The way that I see them prepare my food
Their wheat bread
And the price

My favorite sandwiches from this establishment are the HBLT or Ham Bacon Lettuce and Tomato sandwich and their Sloppy Joes!

The HBLT is not salty, which is not uncommon for BLT sandwiches. Their Sloppy Joes are really "sloppy" and spicy too! Yum!

If you're looking for great sandwiches, you can visit The Sandwich Guy at

Eastwood City - near the bell tower (Now Closed)
SM Megamall Basement of Building B

Update: 07 July 2017: Sorry for the missing photos. My images used to be hosted on Photobucket and Now I can't download them to transfer them to another site so I can show them again here.

Steaks and Mash

Welcome to the new home of Halie's Kitchen. For my entry this week, I decided to share with you a recipe for my home made mashed potato and steak.

I decided to use lean pork for the steak instead of the usual beef.

What you'll need:

1K of lean pork
1 medium lemon juiced
salt and pepper to taste
1 tablespoon of cayenne powder
1/2 cup of soy sauce
1 head of garlic, minced
2 tablespoons of olive oil

For the mashed potato

1K of potatoes
1/2 cup of water
1 cup of skim milk
salt and pepper to taste
1 tablespoon of non/low fat butter

What to do:

Marinade the pork in soy sauce, lemon juice, cayenne powder, salt and pepper two hours before cooking it. Put inside the fridge.
After two hours, boil the pork in the marinade until tender.
Drain the marinade and set aside to make the gravy (if you want to make some)
Toast the garlic in olive oil until brown
Fry the steak in the olive oil until cooked.

For the mashed potato

Peel skin from potato and wash it thoroughly.
Put the potatoes in a sauce pan, with water, skim milk, salt, pepper and butter.
Boil the potatoes, making sure that the flame is on low and that you don't cover the pan to avoid the milk from curdling.
When the potatoes are cooked and soft enough to mash, get a fork and mash the potato in the mixture, until it gets thick.

Serve the steak with your homemade mashed potato, top the steak with toasted garlic and enjoy.\\

Update: 07 July 2017: Sorry for the missing photos. My images used to be hosted on Photobucket and Now I can't download them to transfer them to another site so I can show them again here.


14 November 2010

Lasagna Review

I love eating pasta and if given the chance, I would love to go to different places that serve this heavenly dish all the time.

For this Yummy Sunday, I'd like to share with you my opinions on different lasagna dishes that I have sampled from some of the places that I've been in.

First up is the Meat Lasagna from Jack's Loft


The quality of this lasagna has been consistent from the first time I tried it to the last time I ate this delectable pasta dish from one of favorite restos in Eastwood City.

The pasta is not soggy, the sauce is not thin, the cheese is evenly melted without any burns on it and yes, there's meat in it too. Should you want to go and visit Jack's Loft, these are the three branches that I know of: Eastwood City, near the main plaza, Jack's Loft at the ground floor of Il Terrazo on the corner of Sct. Madrinan in Quezon City and there's one in Robinson's Manila.

My next place to go to when looking for good lasagna is Fazoli's, an Italian restaurant also located in Eastwood City (beside Jack's Loft)

If you're wondering why the serving seemed to be small, it was because I ordered the pasta sampler. I had three different types of pasta dishes on my plate that night because I can't decide which one to eat really.

As for their lasagna, it has the right amount of that sour taste that is so common with Italian pasta dishes and the meat on it was minimal, again typical of Italian cooking (nothing too much tastes good). It may not look too much on the picture, but I can definitely say that it's worth your money and your palate will not be disappointed.

Last on my must have list of great lasagnas - Banapple

This rolled up lasagna is all worth the money that you are going to spend on it. The creamy sauce that does not drip when you slice through the pasta is well spiced and tasted really good. The presentation alone will make your mouth water and would make you want to dig in before taking a photo of it.

And of course, it's presented in a not so conventional way of presenting lasagna. I can't say enough to describe this dish and give it justice. All I can say that in order for you to really appreciate this rolled lasagna, you gotta try it for yourself.

Banapple branches are found at: the second floor of the Il Terrazo (Quezon City), one along Katipunan (near the Labor hospital) and another one along Katipunan Avenue (near Blue Ridge A).

If there are great places to have my fix of lasagna, there are also places where I would never go to when craving for it. (Sorry no photos, I never thought they were worth the time).

First on my not so good experience:

Sbarro's located IN ALI MALL CUBAO, before the bridge connecting Ali Mall and SM Cubao.

Their pasta was good, but the way the service crew handled my order of lasagna was not really the best. After ordering my usual pasta, the one serving me barraged me with suggestions for my meals. Where else can you find lasagna with meat balls and with the customer not knowing that she will be charged extra for it.

We complained to the manager about this and I don't know what steps they took to resolve the issue.

My second place where not to eat lasagna would be in French Baker, Ground Floor SM Cubao (outside of the mall).

Hubby and I ate there twice. The first time he ate the lasagna, it was okay and there were no burnt edges and cheese. The second time we went there last weekend, I ordered the lasagna thinking that the quality would be consistent. I don't know if it was because it was almost time for them to close, but the lasagna that I ate had more burnt cheese than I could ever care to eat, the sauce was thin and watery, and well, the pasta was soggy.

If you're thinking of eating there, I suggest that you go to French Baker, Ground floor SM Cubao branch early in the day to avoid this not so well thought of and prepared disaster of a lasagna.

13 November 2010

Tokwa't Baboy (Tofu and Pork)

Here in the Philippines, most Filipinos love to eat this appetizer/pica-food/viand. One time my hubby requested that I make my own version of Tokwa't Baboy. Here's what you need and how I made it.


1/2K Pork (pork chop)
1 block of special tofu (bought from the supermarket)
5 pieces of green chili pepper - sliced thinly
2 medium onion bulbs - chopped
5 cloves of garlic - crushed
vinegar to taste
soy sauce to taste
5 tablespoons sugar
ground black pepper
1/2 cup of water
5 tablespoons of cooking oil.

How I made it:

First off, I cooked the pork chop adobo style. Boil the pork in 1/2 cup of water, soy sauce (depends on how salty you want it), vinegar (also depends on how sour you want to make it),
with the crushed garlic, 1 onion bulb, black pepper, 5 tablespoons sugar and 3 pieces of the sliced green chili pepper. Boil it until the pork becomes tender. Set aside the sauce to make the dip. Once it's tender, dice the pork and make small cubes and then fry it in the pre-heated oil.

Wash the tofu with running water, dice it and fry it until golden brown.

Toss the fried tofu, pork, the rest of the green chili pepper and the fresh onion bulb in a bowl. Top it off with the the sauce from the boiled pork. Season it to taste. There you have it, a quick and easy pica-food. It goes well with many of the availale beverage out there.

Update: 07 July 2017: Sorry for the missing photos. My images used to be hosted in Photobucket and Now I can't download them to transfer them to another site so I can show them again here.

12 November 2010

The Cookbook Kitchen in Eastwood City

My friend has been telling me to try this restaurant for the longest of times. He told me to go to their branch in Mandaluyong, but also reminded me to make a reservation first before showing up.

Hubby and I decided to go to Eastwood last weekend and to my surprise, they had a Cookbook Kitchen branch there, which my friend does not know of.

We went down the cab and made a beeline straight to CBK. (CBK Eastwood is located across The Palazzo near Orchard Road).

When we were first sat down, I immediately felt discomfort. It's not because the chairs were uncomfortable. It's more of the fact that there was a group near our seat that was very VERY NOISY. If there's one thing that I don't like about a group of people inside a restaurant is when they start talking as if they're standing miles away from each other, screaming and yelling to draw attention to them. I like enjoying my meals and a noisy bunch of people does make on lose focus on the food on the table.

We changed tables, which the staff was just glad to do for us. And we proceeded to order our food. For starters, we had their Creamy Tomato Soup. Our verdict, thumbs up! It wasn't sweet with sugar, it only had the natural sweetness of tomatoes and the cream was not thick. Along with the tomato soup was a piece of bread which only made the soup more tasty.

Hubby for his main meal decided on Spicy Italian Sausage with its own dip

He gave me a few slices of the sausage and there's nothing to complain about it. It wasn't too spicy to the point that's the only thing you can taste. And the tip made from tomatoes, heavenly!

I chose this for my main course

Crusted Parmesian Fish with rice. The first few bites of the fish were good, but at a certain point, I only tasted the cheese and not enough of the fish. I wouldn't say it was bad, but it wasn't anything spectacular either.

If there's one thing that I could say, they should lessen the cheese a bit and let the taste of the fish and the other ingredients come out. I wasn't too satisfied with it, that's why I kept asking for my hubby for some slices of his sausage. (You'll get tired of the cheese after a few bites of it. Nakakaumay in the vernacular. It's like eating pasta with way toooooooo much cheese.)

Would I still recommend the Cookbook Kitchen? YES
The fish? If you're willing to try something new, try it at your own risk
The Italian Sausage? Thumbs up for this one
The Creamy Tomato Soup? Thumbs and Toes Up for this one
The price? We paid Php700 for the whole meal, not bad.
The ambiance? Make sure that you're ready to deal with some noisy customers, should there be any. The place isn't that big, so you'll definitely hear people seated at the nearest table to you talking. But if they're screaming and yelling, be prepeared to cover your ears.

If you want to make reservations at their Mandaluyong Branch, visit The Cookbook Kitchen's site to get the number and the directions on how to get there.

Update: 07 July 2017: Sorry for the missing photos. My images used to be hosted on Photobucket and Now I can't download them to transfer them to another site so I can show them again here.

Pineapple Pork Steak

A new twist to the Pork Steak that Filipinos love.

Things you'll need:

1K of pork sliced thinly
1 large onion, cut into rings
3 tablespoons of soy sauce
5 to 10 pieces of calamansi (juiced)
1 small can of Pineapple chunks or tidbits
sugar and pepper to taste

How to Make it

1. Marinate the meat for at least 1 hour in soysauce, calamansi juice and the juice of the pineapple. (set aside the marinade)

2. Fry the meat in 3 tablespoons of preheated pan with oil.

3. Take the meat out once it is cooked and saute the onions in the oil.

4. Add the marinade, add pepper and sugar to taste.

5. Put the meat in the sauce and the pineapples and simmer.

6. Serve with freshly cooked rice and top with sauteed onions. Enjoy!

Update: 07 July 2017: Sorry for the missing photos. My images used to be hosted on Photobucket and Now I can't download them to transfer them to another site so I can show them again here.

10 November 2010

Quaint and Dainty - Petit Four

Discovering hidden places to eat in is one of the items on our endless hobbies list. We found this quaint and dainty restaurant about 10 years ago and it's a place that we both fell in love with.


The atmosphere is quiet and the food they serve taste great. Nothing more to ask then, except where's my Blueberry Cheesecake?


05 November 2010

A frustration and a joy in pursuit of good food

I am always on the look out for new places to dine in. Something with a great selection of food on their menu as well as prices that are quite reasonable.

A new friend of mine suggested that I go to his two favorite restaurant haunts.

One is located at the 3rd level of the Trinoma Mall, beside Powerbooks. The restaurant serves quality and authentic Thai food according to him. And from what he said, when he ate there, they paid Php7,000 for a group of 15 to 17 people. I would say that the prices are fairly reasonable then.

I was searching for information about this Thai restaurant without the need for logging in to Facebook, but the search proved to be pointless and useless. Yes, I did see a couple of "information" about the restaurant, but dang! The information that I saw was nothing but tons of photos during the grand opening of the restaurant. I mean, fine, photos are nice and cute, but when you're doing a "review" or at least "introducing" a new place, put something more substantial on the article and not photos of Pepe Smith and other celebrities.

Okay, that's part of marketing, but then again, I don't care if President Noynoy Aquino dines there. What I care about is the menu, the price, the service and your overall experience. That helps, more than tons of party photos without information. And the last thing that frustrated me the most, the information that I saw from this so and so article and this so and so article ARE EXACTLY THE SAME, WORD FOR WORD! Heavens! Can someone please write something original about a certain place or is plagiarism really rampant these days?

I think, I just have to take my friend's word regarding this restaurant.

After this frustrating search for information on this Thai restaurant, I tried searching for information about the other restaurant suggested by my friend. It's a little hidden restaurant somewhere in the outskirts of Mandaluyong City.

This time, my search was not in vain. I found the restaurant's website, their menu and information on how to get there. I also found some articles regarding the place, their service and the quality of food that they serve. Finally, someone who knows how to write something informative!

This blog is not about ranting, but it's about food. The reason for me writing this is, I want people to become aware of what other foodies are looking for in an article.

I hope that these people who copied there articles word for word from each other or from the introduction of the restaurant realize that copying one's work without their expressed permission is considered illegal and it's against intellectual property rights.

03 November 2010

P for Pizza and Potato Madness at Shakey's

My first food review and ABC Wednesday post.

Hubby and I love good food. Our favorite aside from pasta? Chicken, pizza and potatoes!

Where else can we find this delectable combination of our favorites except Shakey's.

The chicken was so mouth watering. It was like calling out to me, saying "grab a bite, you won't regret it." And of course I positively loved it!

The aroma of this thin crust pizza made me forget that I'm on diet. I dove in without hesitation, as you can see, the pizza is already missing two slices before I even got the chance to take a photo of our meal.

These mojo potatoes coupled with the garlic-mayo sauce that they served was nothing short of perfect!

Shakey's pizza parlor has been around for so many years and since its introduction here in the Philippines, I try to eat there every chance I get.

I can still remember that some of the Shakey's branches here used to have live bands performing during the weekends. I don't know what happened and they decided to take that out of their restaurants.

The food is of the same quality as the first time I got the chance to enjoy their meals. The better deal, they added affordable combination meals so that many more can enjoy their good food.

As for the ambiance, it really depends on the shop where you choose to go. Some have a homey feel to them, while others have a relaxed mood and feel going about the store.

The price? It depends on what you order, but we usually pay more than 500 pesos, but not over one thousand.

Would I recommend going there? Definitely!

If you want something affordable and with the new combination meals of Shakey's, a couple, the whole family, or your group of friends can get a satisfying meal that is quite easy on the budget.

Update: 07 July 2017: Sorry for the missing photos. My images used to be hosted on Photobucket and Now I can't download them to transfer them to another site so I can show them again here.

P for Pasta Dishes

Have I said that I love, love, LOVE pasta?

Anyway, for my first ABC Wednesday food entry, I'd like to share with you guys my most favorite food in the whole world! (not an exaggeration by the way). If you want to view the recipe click on the title to get it.

Herbed Chicken Pasta

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