Anti Plagiarism

05 November 2010

A frustration and a joy in pursuit of good food

I am always on the look out for new places to dine in. Something with a great selection of food on their menu as well as prices that are quite reasonable.

A new friend of mine suggested that I go to his two favorite restaurant haunts.

One is located at the 3rd level of the Trinoma Mall, beside Powerbooks. The restaurant serves quality and authentic Thai food according to him. And from what he said, when he ate there, they paid Php7,000 for a group of 15 to 17 people. I would say that the prices are fairly reasonable then.

I was searching for information about this Thai restaurant without the need for logging in to Facebook, but the search proved to be pointless and useless. Yes, I did see a couple of "information" about the restaurant, but dang! The information that I saw was nothing but tons of photos during the grand opening of the restaurant. I mean, fine, photos are nice and cute, but when you're doing a "review" or at least "introducing" a new place, put something more substantial on the article and not photos of Pepe Smith and other celebrities.

Okay, that's part of marketing, but then again, I don't care if President Noynoy Aquino dines there. What I care about is the menu, the price, the service and your overall experience. That helps, more than tons of party photos without information. And the last thing that frustrated me the most, the information that I saw from this so and so article and this so and so article ARE EXACTLY THE SAME, WORD FOR WORD! Heavens! Can someone please write something original about a certain place or is plagiarism really rampant these days?

I think, I just have to take my friend's word regarding this restaurant.

After this frustrating search for information on this Thai restaurant, I tried searching for information about the other restaurant suggested by my friend. It's a little hidden restaurant somewhere in the outskirts of Mandaluyong City.

This time, my search was not in vain. I found the restaurant's website, their menu and information on how to get there. I also found some articles regarding the place, their service and the quality of food that they serve. Finally, someone who knows how to write something informative!

This blog is not about ranting, but it's about food. The reason for me writing this is, I want people to become aware of what other foodies are looking for in an article.

I hope that these people who copied there articles word for word from each other or from the introduction of the restaurant realize that copying one's work without their expressed permission is considered illegal and it's against intellectual property rights.