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14 November 2010

Lasagna Review

I love eating pasta and if given the chance, I would love to go to different places that serve this heavenly dish all the time.

For this Yummy Sunday, I'd like to share with you my opinions on different lasagna dishes that I have sampled from some of the places that I've been in.

First up is the Meat Lasagna from Jack's Loft


The quality of this lasagna has been consistent from the first time I tried it to the last time I ate this delectable pasta dish from one of favorite restos in Eastwood City.

The pasta is not soggy, the sauce is not thin, the cheese is evenly melted without any burns on it and yes, there's meat in it too. Should you want to go and visit Jack's Loft, these are the three branches that I know of: Eastwood City, near the main plaza, Jack's Loft at the ground floor of Il Terrazo on the corner of Sct. Madrinan in Quezon City and there's one in Robinson's Manila.

My next place to go to when looking for good lasagna is Fazoli's, an Italian restaurant also located in Eastwood City (beside Jack's Loft)

If you're wondering why the serving seemed to be small, it was because I ordered the pasta sampler. I had three different types of pasta dishes on my plate that night because I can't decide which one to eat really.

As for their lasagna, it has the right amount of that sour taste that is so common with Italian pasta dishes and the meat on it was minimal, again typical of Italian cooking (nothing too much tastes good). It may not look too much on the picture, but I can definitely say that it's worth your money and your palate will not be disappointed.

Last on my must have list of great lasagnas - Banapple

This rolled up lasagna is all worth the money that you are going to spend on it. The creamy sauce that does not drip when you slice through the pasta is well spiced and tasted really good. The presentation alone will make your mouth water and would make you want to dig in before taking a photo of it.

And of course, it's presented in a not so conventional way of presenting lasagna. I can't say enough to describe this dish and give it justice. All I can say that in order for you to really appreciate this rolled lasagna, you gotta try it for yourself.

Banapple branches are found at: the second floor of the Il Terrazo (Quezon City), one along Katipunan (near the Labor hospital) and another one along Katipunan Avenue (near Blue Ridge A).

If there are great places to have my fix of lasagna, there are also places where I would never go to when craving for it. (Sorry no photos, I never thought they were worth the time).

First on my not so good experience:

Sbarro's located IN ALI MALL CUBAO, before the bridge connecting Ali Mall and SM Cubao.

Their pasta was good, but the way the service crew handled my order of lasagna was not really the best. After ordering my usual pasta, the one serving me barraged me with suggestions for my meals. Where else can you find lasagna with meat balls and with the customer not knowing that she will be charged extra for it.

We complained to the manager about this and I don't know what steps they took to resolve the issue.

My second place where not to eat lasagna would be in French Baker, Ground Floor SM Cubao (outside of the mall).

Hubby and I ate there twice. The first time he ate the lasagna, it was okay and there were no burnt edges and cheese. The second time we went there last weekend, I ordered the lasagna thinking that the quality would be consistent. I don't know if it was because it was almost time for them to close, but the lasagna that I ate had more burnt cheese than I could ever care to eat, the sauce was thin and watery, and well, the pasta was soggy.

If you're thinking of eating there, I suggest that you go to French Baker, Ground floor SM Cubao branch early in the day to avoid this not so well thought of and prepared disaster of a lasagna.