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27 December 2010

Thai Inspired Media Noche

I'm still new to trying to update this blog of mine on a daily basis. Anyway, here goes something that I have to put into words before I go stir crazy.

New Year's Eve is fast approaching and although I don't subscribe to all the superstitions associated to the day, I always try to make something that's colorful and yummy, while avoiding chicken and the slow pokes (crabs, etc).

I'm on a Thai food binge! I want to eat something that remotely resembles the Thai food that I've tried from the restaurants that I've been to.

My menu on December 31st would include the following:

1. Crispy pork with cilantro garnish
2. Vegetable and tofu curry
3. (Hopefully) Thai Ice Tea
4. And for dessert, sago in sweetened warm coconut milk.

I just need to buy the ingredients and make sure that they're fresh for Friday night!

I'd post the recipe one by one next year. I hope you'll enjoy the food as much as we will.

Happy New Year everyone!