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03 January 2011

My Best and Worst Restaurant Experiences for 2010

I've always been a fan of good food and when I say good food, I mean something that would make me crave for more of what ever it is that I'm eating. And also, making me want to go to the location of the restaurant regardless of its distance from where I live.

2010 was a great year for hubby and I. We went to different restaurants and even decided to go to places that are quite far from where we live just to sample the restaurant's offering. Here are the top five must try food places that we've been to. (For the full reviews, click on the name of the restaurant)

5. Jatujak - SM Mall of Asia (also with branches at SM Megamall and SM City North)


I would say that this restaurant was an accidental find. Hubby and I were hungry going around Mall of Asia and we were willing to try anything. We decided to go to this small restaurant and we found out that the Thai food they serve is absolutely delicious!

4. The Flying Pig - Eastwood City Branch


I have yet to write a full review of this restaurant, but if there's one thing that I've got to say, their food was worth the wait and the money. And we didn't have to spend too much for the things that we ate that day. Can't wait to go back there to try their other dishes.

3. North Park - Manila Ocean Park Branch


Many may say that North Park is a common place to eat in, however with all the food misadventures that we had on the 26th of December, North Park Manila Ocean Park branch exceeded all our expectations. The staff was well prepared for the influx of customers because of the holidays and we didn't have to wait for our food for a very long time. Great service, good food and reasonable prices, another note worthy dining place to visit again.

2. Mango Tree Bistro - Trinoma Mall, Quezon City


Not as expensive as I thought the place would be and the food was carefully prepared. A place that would be good for either a family or a dinner date for two. The staff members are friendly and the food is placed on the table on time.

1. Top Spot goes to Banapple Pies and Cheesecake with branches in Il Terrazo - Sct. Madrinan cor Tomas Morato, Quezon City, two branches along Katipunan Avenue


I think hubby and I have been there for the nth time already and we're not finished with the food items on their menu yet. 2011 would surely bring our feet back to this lovely and quaint restaurant. I also think they have a new branch somewhere. I think we have to drop by the newest addition to their growing branches.

Their signature Banoffee pie is so heavenly that I can't help but get a slice everytime we visit any of their branches. My other personal favorite among their line of desserts is the Cherry Cake, marvelous!

There are restaurants that I would love to visit this 2011, and the first three that goes to the top of my list are:

Banana Leaf
My Thai

I hope I can go there real soon. Can't wait to try these restaurants, visit the old haunts and give you guys an update.

And of course if there are good things, then there must also be the not so desirable ones.

For the where not to go list (based from my experience with their quality of service and the food) here are the three not so appetizing places:

3. The Chocolate Kiss Cafe - along A. Roces Avenue in Quezon City

The service was really slow. The crew members were not so alert to what their customers' need and the food, well, the pasta that we had was swimming in a combination of water and sauce, the cakes were either dry and flaky or too sweet and for the price, it's not worth it.

2. Pancake House in Manila Ocean Park

We went there on a Sunday, the 26th of December. Given that there were so many customers, the management should have alloted more crew members to be on shift that day, however, there were only two members of the dining crew present and our table was not cleaned even after minutes of waiting for someone to clear it up.

A customer complained about their food, according to his complaint, the food was served raw. When I turned my head to look at their table, I saw that there was still blood on the chicken - urgh!

1. The worst place to go to when you're hungry is MakanMakan Asian Food Village - Manila Ocean Park

They boast of having food from Asian countries, but their Thai menu is only one page long. We waited 45 minutes for our food, but it was not even prepared because the waiter forgot to forward our order to the kitchen and left it with the cashier.

The manager is not so quick witted either, he's slow to resolve the customers' problem, but very quick to ask us to pay for our drinks. No plates, no food. Poor service.

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