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04 January 2011

My Best Tasting Experiments of 2010

I've been experimenting in my kitchen for the longest time, but last year I got more bold and daring when it comes to cooking.

I decided to imitate the dishes that I have tried from the different restaurants that hubby and I have gone to or take inspiration from recipes found on labels of the ingredients and give it my own twist.

Here's a summary of the recipes that I have tried and those that have fared well so far. (for the full recipe, please click on the recipe name. Thank you so much for visiting my kitchen and I hope to share more recipes with you this 2011)

1. Chicken in Olive Oil with Salsa
The inspiration of this dish was the restaurant named El Pollo Loco. Hubby and I decided to stay away from fried food and the restaurant served grilled chicken with fresh tomato salsa, which we fell in love with.

I don't have a grill at home and I can't grill everytime we crave for this type of chicken dish, so I decided that instead of frying the chicken, I'll boil it and then sear it in Olive Oil.

Hubby was not disappointed and neither was I.

2. Stir fried vegetables with tofu

Healthy and something that was inspired by a magazine article that I've read sometime last year.

It was delicious and it went well on its own or even with rice, should you want a slightly heavier meal.

3. Soft Tacos

Hubby and I had been on an Indian/Mexican/Mediterranean food binge last year. Spicy food is one of our favorite meals and tacos were the easiest to make which could satisfy that craving.

By the end of year, we went on a Thai food binge and I think I have at least three dishes that I could share from trying these Thai restaurants. I can't wait to see how my menu would grow this year and of course, since the skills in the kitchen were freely given to me, I would be sharing the recipes with you freely as well.

Cheers, to a healthy and delicious 2011!