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07 January 2011

Thai Sakoo with Sweetened Coconut Milk

Hubby and I went on a Thai food binge last December and I promised myself that I'll put Thai food on the dinner table come New Year's Eve.

Here's the first of the Thai food recipe that I experimented on in my own kitchen.

What you need:

1/4K of small sago (I used the big ones, since the grocery ran out of the small ones. Colored sago works best, since the coconut milk is white, the contrast would make it look appetizing.)
1 cup of water
1/2 cup sugar
1 cup of thick coconut milk (canned or freshly squeezed)
2 or 3 fresh mint leaves

What you need to do:

1. Wash the sago and drain it well.

2. Put the water, sago and 1/4 cup of sugar in a sauce pan. Bring it to a boil. Turn of the heat when the sago becomes crystal clear.

3. Set aside the cooked sago and put the coconut milk in a separate sauce pan. Simmer the milk until it becomes thick over low heat, stirring in the sugar while the milk simmers carefully. When the milk becomes thick, drop one fresh mint leaf.
4. Let the milk cool a little. Assemble the dessert in a goblet. Put sago in the bottom, top with a little milk, then add sago again, top with a little more coconut milk. For added garnish, top with fresh mint leaves.

Serve warm.

Update: 07 July 2017: Sorry for the missing photos. My images used to be hosted in Photobucket and Now I can't download them to transfer them to another site so I can show them again here.