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16 February 2011

E for Escabeche


The recipe for this dish can be found HERE.

Escabeche uses the fish called dalagang bukid (Yellow Tail Fusilier) here in the Philippines. It's a little sweet and sometimes sour and it usually tastes good. It's a good emergency dish, if you don't know what to make for lunch or dinner.

But, did you know that

Escabeche ('pickled') is a spicy marinade of Spanish origin, used to season and preserve fried (occasionally poached) fish and sometimes poultry. It consists of vinegar or lime juice, onions, peppers and spices. The fish is first fried, then marinated overnight and served cold.

It can be found with similar names in many areas, including North Africa (scabetche), Jamaica (escovitch), France, Belgium, Italy (escabecio or scavece) and South America.

Sourced from: Food Reference


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