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07 February 2011

Foodie 365 - Week 5

And here is a list of all the food I ate the previous week. Whew! 5th week of Foodie 365, and it's still on the right track!

29/365 - Paksiw na Bangus

We're not really bangus fans but we were craving for some last January 29th. I saw the roaming fish vendor and I decided to buy one bangus and cooked it paksiw style. It was soooooooo good!


30/365 - Palabok, Barbeque and Pichi-Pichi

The 30th of January, I went to a photography workshop and here was the food that they served that day.

All of the attendees had a tray each of palabok, with a stick of barbeque and some pichi-pichi. Of all the items on the plate, my favorite was the pichi-pichi. The texture, the softness and of course the cheese made my day real good.

31/365 - Guinataang Halo-Halo

We've tried the guinatan of the local village vendor a couple of times. This day though, it tasted really bland. It was lacking in sugar and other ingredients. I guess commercialized guinataan is not really worth anyone's time, except if we're talking about something sold quite expensively.

32/365 - Omelet

A simple omelet for a simple brunch on the first day of the month.

33/365 - Slices of Sweet Bread

These slices of sweet bread were quite okay. Quite enough to fill my hungry belly.

34/365 - Corned Beef

Local corned beef brands are quite watery, but hubby found a great solution. He cooked it in a little olive oil with some garlic until it was dry. The taste changed drastically!

35/365 - Ginisang Mongo

Since we haven't gone out to shop yet, we decided to just buy some cooked viands. We had a bowl of mongo and it was nothing but disappointing. I like my mongo almost dry, thick and not watery and thin. I'm gonna make my own one of these days.