Anti Plagiarism

14 February 2011

Foodie 365 - Week 6

It's fun to photograph food, you get to experiment with angles and lighting.

36/365 Pork Parmigiana

Something that I lifted out of Food Magazine, however, I gave it my own twist and it turned out quite good. It was also my first time to make my own marinara sauce. To be honest, after tasting home made tomato sauce, I will try to keep my use of pre-packed sauces to a minimum. I even tried the marinara sauce on spaghetti and it felt like Italy came home to my kitchen. Love it!

37/365 Kare-Kareng Bagnet from Pino

My friends and I went on a foodtrip last Sunday. When we got to the bar, everyone pitched in on their orders and it was a toss up between Caldereta and Kare-Kareng Bagnet. On the first round, the Kare-kare won and I found it quite okay, but a little on the sweet side and there was no shrimp paste to go with it. This is something that I would definitely try to make at home. Yum!

38/365 Spicy Chicken Lollipops

Spicy chicken lollipops for lunch. I shared the recipe here and I hope you can get to cook this dish. Simple, yet really delicious.

39/365 - Lemon Squares from Chocolat

I got to take home half a box of this delightful treats. Hubby loves them and me too! The sour tang of lemons in contrast with the sweetness of the sugar, it's something that I won't get tired off.

40/365 Beef Salpicao from Food Magazine

Another recipe that I took from Food Magazine. A not too complicated dish that only needs a few ingredients with a very good turn out, this will definitely make it to my "emergency food list".

41/365 Chicken with Quail Eggs in Milk Sauce

One of my all time favorite dishes. Chicken with quail eggs in milk sauce. A dish that I discovered when I first tried to cook chicken curry.

42/365 Spring Rolls

What I love about spring rolls is its flexibility. All you need is some wrapper and a lot of imagination and you can make any type of spring roll that you can think of.