Anti Plagiarism

21 February 2011

Foodie 365 - Week 7

Although eating is something that we all do everyday, it is still not that easy to take on this project. What I'm trying to avoid is to share the same food that I've eaten for the next remaining days of Foodie 365.

It's almost the end of the second month and I'm hoping that I can see this project through.

43/365 - Roasted Chicken with Mango Sauce

This yummy recipe was inspired by an article from Food Magazine (Special Edition, 2003). I love the contrast of the sweetness of the mango slices and with the subtle hint of a little cayenne pepper. I'll share the recipe for this delectable dish in the coming days.

44/365 - Toasts and Herbed Scrambled Eggs

Some special toast with my own concoction of scrambled eggs. The toasts were covered with parmesian cheese and mozzarella respectively.

45/365 - Instant Pancit Canton, ChiliMansi

Sometimes cooking does take its toll on me. So one time, I decided to just buy 2 packs of instant pancit canton from the store, cooked it and enjoyed devouring it for my afternoon snack/late lunch and breakfast all rolled into one.

46/365 - Ground meat with potatoes, carrots and peas

It's not menudillo or even menudo ala cubana. It's your average lean ground meat with some potatoes and carrots for lunch.

47/365 - Black Pepper Spam

Black pepper Spam, our all time favorite emergency comfort food. =)

48/365 - ChocCup

This one reminds me of the bigger cups called YanYan. Hmmm, I wonder if those sweet kiddie treats are still available these days.

49/365 - Junk Food Rush

Junk food rush. Sometimes dieting can really be a pain, especially when craving starts creeping in. Good thing my craving was satisfied by that small pack of Mr. Chips!