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20 February 2011


One of my fondest food memories is about pastillas (a type of sweet made from milk). My memory was triggered by the pastillas from EngBeeTin, a chinese shop.

Photo from EngBeeTin

I always looked forward to days that my mom and I would go to Quiapo, the reason - we always went to Bakerite Bakery, located along 922 Hildalgo Street, Quiapo, Manila. During those days, almost everything was quite cheap and Bakerite products were no exception.

When ever I stepped into the bakery, I would feel giddy and happy. Mom would always let me walk around to look for the things that I would like to buy. My first stop would always be the area where they kept the pastillas. I think my mom thought that it was a good way to make me have my dose of milk, since I really hated drinking them in glasses. Pastillas of before used to made from pure milk without much sugar. Candies and Bakerite, great memories. I wish they're still open. Maybe one of these days, I'll check.

You may want to share your foodie memories with others as well, join me next Saturday when I open the Foodie Memories meme.

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