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30 March 2011

K for Krispy Kreme


When Krispy Kreme opened here in the Philippines, I thought that I wouldn't fall in its grasp. But after hubby took me there, I got hooked!

My favorites would include of course the original glazed doughnut, but I also love their New york cheesecake! It's not too sweet and the taste is just - amazing!

But did you know:

* That Krispy Kreme's owner bought a recipe from a French chef in New Orleans in 1937.
* In the 1940s and 50s, Krispy Kreme automated the doughnut cutting process.
* During the 1960s and 70s, Krispy Kreme used the "Doughnut Theater" so that customers can watch how doughnuts are made from start to finish.
* That when the sign "Hot Now" it means that customers can buy and enjoy freshly made original glazed doughnuts.
* Today, Krispy Kreme has stores in Asia, Australia, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and North America. This means that many people can now enjoy freshly made doughnuts around the world



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28 March 2011

Foodie 365 - Week 12

A foodie 365 project sounds easy, especially most of us eat at least 3 times a day and on good days, we sometimes eat more than that. However, the difficulty that I face with this project concerns the repetition of the food items that I have already posted.

Starting next week though, I may have to consider that cooking or thinking of 365 different kinds of food would be hard on the menu planning and sometimes on the budget.

Without further introductions, here are the food items that I ate last week:

78/365 - Blueberry Chantilly from Dr. Pearl Cooler

I love this Blueberry Chantilly from Dr. Pearl Cooler. Last week Saturday, hubby and I decided to walk around Bulacan and also to meet with Mr. Nino Gatdula of Dr. Pearl Cooler.

I received an invite from Mr. Gatdula to attend the opening of their branch in Robinson's Metro East yesterday, however because of the flu, I wasn't able to go there. It was a sad thing, however, at least I was able to try their Blueberry Chantilly and yes, I was very satisfied with it!

And sad as it may be that I wasn't able to attend the opening, at least now I know where to go when ever I crave for a better tasting Pearl Cooler.

79/365 - Escabeche

And here's my favorite fish dish - Escabeche. There's nothing else to say except that hubby and I had a great time eating the fish!

80/365 - Chicken Macaroni Soup

I've been down with the flu for about a week. And nothing says get well soon than a bowl of warm chicken noodle soup.

81/365 - Stir Fried Veggies with Ground Chicken

From the left over raw vegetables of the soup and escabeche, I decided to make a very simple meal, stir fry veggies. Simple, easy to cook and it didn't need much of my taste buds which were actually dulled by the colds and flu.

82/365 - Chicken Spaghetti

Not my favorite kind of spaghetti - Filipino style sauce. Hubby said it was too sweet. Thank heavens I had colds that day!

83/365 - Chocolate Cereals

For some snacks, I decided to munch on some cereals. I prefer to eat my cereals dry just like chips instead of putting some milk in a bowl of this choco treat.

84/365 - Roasted Chicken

Still down with dull taste buds and fever, I decided to make another simple yet tasty meal, at least according to hubby. I marinated the chicken barbeque style but instead of grilling it, I stuck it in the oven toaster and cooked it for 10 minutes after marination. The dip, a simple lite mayo and catsup combination did the trick.

Brightest Blessings!


24 March 2011

Dr. Pearl Cooler

It's the summer season and one of the ways that I enjoy this season is by eating something cold.

I recently discovered Dr. Pearl Cooler and let me tell you something about this cool treat!

Dr. Pearl Cooler started 5 years ago in Pampanga and in that span of time, it grew into 18 branches which serve different and uniquely flavored pearl coolers to its customers.


I had their Blueberry Chantilly and all I can say is that it was refreshingly delicious. The medium sized glass was about a third full of those yummy and gummy black sago pearls. The best thing about the drink, it did not have any funny aftertaste of chemicals. It tasted like real blueberries from the first sip to the last drop.

Hubby on the other hand had the medium sized Chocolate Chantilly


I would say that it was a safe choice, not too sweet, but not much on the chocolate either. It was good, but I would say that a dark chocolate chantilly with pearls would taste even better.

Dr. Pearl Cooler will open its newest branch in Robinson's Metro East (beside Sta. Lucia Mall) on Sunday, March 27th. So, if you're interested to try their fruit flavored chantilly, drop by for a visit. If you are no where near Robinson's Metro East, you can visit Dr. Pearl Cooler's Website to check the nearest store in your area. By  the way, some Dr. Pearl Cooler shops serve more than just chantilly, shakes and pearl coolers, visit their MENU Guide Online to learn more about their unique flavors and their other offerings. If you want to be updated with their latest offerings and promos, you can also like them on FACEBOOK.


Brightest Blessings!


21 March 2011

Foodie 365 - Week 11

Am late posting my project 365 today.

So I'm not going to make the introduction long, allow me to let you peek into what satisfied my gastronomic desires this week.

71/365 - Polvoron

Milk Polvoron. I was craving for something sweet and thankfully, a store was selling these cheap polvoron. I grabbed a couple and consumed them all in one sitting. Talk about throwing my diet out the window.

72/365 - Chocolate Crossini

Another one that says forget the diet. Chocolate filled crossini! Delicious!

73/365 - Adobong Mani

Adobong mani is something that appeals to me, especially when it has a lot of garlic and its spicy. Unfortunately, I had to make do with this simple plate of peanuts.

74/365 - Sour Cream and Onion Chips

My favorite flavored chips - Sour cream and onion. If there's no pringles around, I go for the next alternative, the locally made bag of Piattos.

75/365 - Salad Ingredients

I couldn't decide what to eat that day, so I just decided to go and take photos of the ingredients on my table. I ended up making a simple salad.

76/365 - Tuna Calamansi

My first time to try this and it solved the problem of a quick and easy dinner.

77/365 - Cookies

Dessert anyone?

badge made by willa

Brightest Blessings!


18 March 2011

English Breakfast

Nothing really special, but definitely worth the try to make.


What you'll need

Slices of bread
Grated parmesian cheese
Some sliced mozarella cheese
2 Eggs
1/4 cup evaporated milk
1 teaspoon basil
Lite Butter or Olive Oil

What to do:

In a pan heat olive oil or lite butter, crack the eggs in the pan, add one teaspoon of basil leaves and 1/4 cup of evaporated milk. Take the eggs out when it stilll quite wet (don't wait for it to dry up or else it will come out stiff and quite hard).

Pre heat your oven toaster while you are assembling the toast. Put some mozarella cheese on some of the slices of bread and parmesian on others. Sprinkle it with a little sugar (less than 1/4 of a teaspoon).

On the loaf - spread a little light butter,

Toast the bread until it becomes brown on the sides.

Serve it with the eggs, add some hash brown to it to make it a great brunch!


Brightest Blessings!


17 March 2011

A taste of Kapampangan Cooking

Razon's of Guagua, Araneta
81 Shopwise Center, Araneta Center
Quezon City, Metro Manila

(02) 912-6303

Opens from 10:00 am - 10:00 pm today.
•Su, M, T, W, Th, F, Sa

There are two branches of Razon's in Araneta Center, one at the Food Court of the new Gateway Mall and the other one at Shopwise (the former Fiesta Carnival).

We were hungry and it was a hot afternoon, with a low budget in mind, hubby and I decided to go to Razon's. The reason for the decision, the halo-halo, they have the best in town! Since it was also lunch time, we decided to eat lunch there before we delve into a tall glass of halo-halo.

Here's what we had:


Hubby ordered the beef tapa. His opinion, it was good, but the serving was quite small. I was wondering why he said that it was good, I mean, come on, beef tapa - quite ordinary. I decided to have a piece of the tapa and my thinking changed in a snap. It was good! The beef was tender, but it wasn't rubbery. It tasted good even without any condiments - vinegar, atchara (pickled papaya), etc. If there's one thing that we can request, it could be make the serving a little bigger.


I had their chicken-pork asado. When it was placed on the table in front of me, the first thing that came out of my mouth was - How in the world am I going to finish all this? The serving was huge! The pork slice was about an inch thick and about two inches in diameter. Then there was one serving of I think was half the thigh area of a chicken on the plate as well.

Let's break it down, shall we?

The pork part - even with its thickness, the pork was tender and juicy (juicy being the closest word I can use to describe the texture - not dry, not hard, not too soft to the point that it was disintegrating on its own on the plate). It was easy to eat, you don't need a knife to slice through the serving.

The taste - two words DELICIOUSLY YUMMY. (redundant I know, but that's how good it really was!)

I was able to finish my one cup of rice with just the slice of pork. And since hubby was still hungry, he decided to order another cup of rice and eat the chicken with me.

Going to the chicken, the meat was separating from the bones but again, it was not disintegrating. And hubby agreed that it is one of the best tasting meals that we have ever had. It was superb!


What Razon's experience would be complete without a glass of halo-halo?

In my personal opinion, what really makes the halo-halo is the shaved ice that they use. It is so fine and soft. From our experiences, the ice never hardens even if you eat your main meal and let the halo-halo sit on the table for a few minutes.

Some would say that Razon's halo-halo is quite expensive, considering that it only uses basically five ingredients - macapuno, leche flan, sweetened bananas, the finely shaved ice and milk. My take, I'd take those five basic ingredients over a glass of halo-halo that has all the fixings but when you bite into those ingredients, there's a possibility of losing your teeth.

How would I rate it then?

Service - was quite fast and efficient.
Food - Superb!
Price - very easy on the budget. For the whole meal, beef tapa (Php120), asado (Php170), halo-halo (Php90), 1 extra rice, 2 glasses of iced tea and some more extra sweets (tarts, pastillas de leche) (Php50 - 5 pieces @ Php10 each), we paid more or less Php600.

Would we go back there? The answer would be, MOST DEFINITELY!

Brightest Blessings!


16 March 2011

I is for Ice Cream


It's summer here in the Philippines and the weather is making me crave for ICE CREAM! The soft and creamy texture of this wonderful sweet treat is so inviting. Irresistable temptation, that's what I call it.

Here are some fun facts about that soft, yummy and cold treat, extending its cold invitation to those who see it.

It takes about 50 licks to lick away one scoop of ice cream!
Of all the days of the week, most ice cream is bought on Sunday!
Kids aged 2-12 and adults over 45 eat the most ice cream!
The largest ice cream scoop pyramid was made of 3,894 scoops and weighed 1,005 pounds. Carvel Ice Cream Company made it live on the CBS Early Show on August 20, 2002. It took 58 minutes to complete.
It takes 12 pounds of milk to make 1 gallon of ice cream!
Between -5 and 0 degrees F is the best temperature for storing ice cream!
Between 6 and 10 degrees F is the best temperature for serving ice cream!
Air is an important ingredient in ice cream - it keeps the ice cream from freezing solid!

For more fun facts, visit the source of this trivia.


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14 March 2011

Foodie 365 - Week 10

It's the tenth week of my Foodie 365 project and I'm happy that I can take photos of the food that I eat every single day.

Without the need for long introductions, let me tease your palate with these food items that I ate last week.

64/365 - Halo-halo from Razon's

Summer is rearing its head and on some days, the temperature shoots up the sky. March 5th was one hot day, which prompted hubby and I to go and eat halo-halo. This one is sooooooo yummy! Love it! Will have it again on Saturday. =)

65/365 - Chicken Pineapple Menudo

After doing the grocery last Saturday, I decided to buy some chicken to make some chicken dishes at home. This is the first dish that I tried, chicken-pineapple menudo. It was different, but definitely worth it. I'd cook it again one of these days.

66/365 - Voortman's Chocolate Chip Cookie

Our new favorite chocolate chip cookies. A pack of this costs around Php125.00 (roughly USD3.5). I know it's quite expensive, but with the number of cookies inside the pack, I'd say it's similar to buying a locally produced chocolate chip cookie pack worth over Php45.00.

67/365 - My version of Karekareng Bagnet

Inspired by the Kare-kareng Bagnet from Pino Restobar, I decided to plunge into another kitchen experiment, making my own version of Kare-Kareng Bagnet. I wouldn't call the pork a real version of bagnet, but quite close enough. Don't worry, I had some shrimp paste (bagoong) on the side to make this dish really tasty. Hubby loved it, I loved it and it's one more recipe that I can put in my vault of recipes.

68/365 - Hotdogs

We had some leftover hotdogs from the time I made the chicken-pineapple menudo. What hubby did the night before we cooked these jumbo hotdogs was to buy pan de sal, the following day, he fried the hotdogs in lite butter and we enjoyed eating those tender juicy things with the soft pan de sal that he brought home.

69/365 - Chicken Caldereta

One more chicken dish that I love a lot. Chicken caldereta. I guess I can't express it enough that I love spicy food. =)

70/365 - Fried fish with tomatoes and salted egg

Something simple, yet really tasty - crispy fried galunggong with some tomatoes and salted egg. What more can a girl ask for?

Brightest Blessings!


13 March 2011

Ice Scramble


One of my most favorite things to eat when I was a kid was the ice scramble sold by those guys riding a bike or pushing a cart and shouting to the top of their lungs.

What I remember the most about this is that, mom would always scold me for buying ice scramble from the streets. She had a hard time convincing me that they are not good, so what she did was she bought some shaveed ice, melted it with strawberry syrup and a little water, drizzled some brown cow on top and of course she put some itsy-bitsy marshmallows on it too.

I'd say that hers was way better than what I bought those days.

Today, I see some ice scramble stands in the mall, perfect for the summer season. But, what really made me remember this story is the road side ice scramble sold by one of our neighbors here at home.

If you have some memories about a recipe or something that you eat, please share it with us and link up


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