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24 March 2011

Dr. Pearl Cooler

It's the summer season and one of the ways that I enjoy this season is by eating something cold.

I recently discovered Dr. Pearl Cooler and let me tell you something about this cool treat!

Dr. Pearl Cooler started 5 years ago in Pampanga and in that span of time, it grew into 18 branches which serve different and uniquely flavored pearl coolers to its customers.


I had their Blueberry Chantilly and all I can say is that it was refreshingly delicious. The medium sized glass was about a third full of those yummy and gummy black sago pearls. The best thing about the drink, it did not have any funny aftertaste of chemicals. It tasted like real blueberries from the first sip to the last drop.

Hubby on the other hand had the medium sized Chocolate Chantilly


I would say that it was a safe choice, not too sweet, but not much on the chocolate either. It was good, but I would say that a dark chocolate chantilly with pearls would taste even better.

Dr. Pearl Cooler will open its newest branch in Robinson's Metro East (beside Sta. Lucia Mall) on Sunday, March 27th. So, if you're interested to try their fruit flavored chantilly, drop by for a visit. If you are no where near Robinson's Metro East, you can visit Dr. Pearl Cooler's Website to check the nearest store in your area. By  the way, some Dr. Pearl Cooler shops serve more than just chantilly, shakes and pearl coolers, visit their MENU Guide Online to learn more about their unique flavors and their other offerings. If you want to be updated with their latest offerings and promos, you can also like them on FACEBOOK.


Brightest Blessings!