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07 March 2011

Foodie 365 - Week 9

I love eating just as much as I love cooking. For this week though, my entry is a combination of something that I made and something that I bought.

Let's get the dough, I mean ball rolling, shall we?

57/365 - Footlong

Last week Saturday, hubby requested that we eat some snacks that we can buy from the snack "bars" found inside our village. He decided that we eat some congee and divide a footlong in half. It was good, but definitely not Smokey's, gawd I miss that hotdog shop!

58/365 - Big Better Burgers' Quarter Pounder Burger with Cheese

A cheaper alternative to Brother's Burger and Wendy's and a better choice instead of the regular burgers. Last February 27th, we decided to try Big Better Burgers. Grilled burger patties, juicy meat, french fries made from real potatoes, what more can one ask for? We now have a cheaper alternative to Brother's Burger during those times that we're concious with our budget.

59/365 - Tuna Spaghetti

My hubby's specialty, tuna pasta with toasted garlic, caramelized onions and tomato bits! That's one pasta that I can actually eat everyday!

60/365 - Power Pops

My curiosity was piqued by this champorado bar. It's made from rice krispies and it's quite good. Not too sweet, but it does have that champorado taste, but it's crunchy.

61/365 - Tocino

Rarely do we eat processed meat, but when I crave for something, I gotta have it. That's a serving of tocino (sweetened pork) and a cup of rice for lunch.

62/365 - Chicken Tonkatsu with Rosemary

Chicken-katsu, something that we buy on a not so regular basis from the supermarket. The best thing about this though is that you don't need to slice the chicken thinly and cover it in bread crumbs since it's already pre-prepared for consumers.

63/365 - Sinigang na Baboy

Friday, we had some sinigang that we bought from the neighbor selling pre-cooked meals. It's not how we like our sinigang, but it's more than enough to warm up and fill our hungry bellies.

That's how my food week went. How about you guys, how was your foodie week?