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16 March 2011

I is for Ice Cream


It's summer here in the Philippines and the weather is making me crave for ICE CREAM! The soft and creamy texture of this wonderful sweet treat is so inviting. Irresistable temptation, that's what I call it.

Here are some fun facts about that soft, yummy and cold treat, extending its cold invitation to those who see it.

It takes about 50 licks to lick away one scoop of ice cream!
Of all the days of the week, most ice cream is bought on Sunday!
Kids aged 2-12 and adults over 45 eat the most ice cream!
The largest ice cream scoop pyramid was made of 3,894 scoops and weighed 1,005 pounds. Carvel Ice Cream Company made it live on the CBS Early Show on August 20, 2002. It took 58 minutes to complete.
It takes 12 pounds of milk to make 1 gallon of ice cream!
Between -5 and 0 degrees F is the best temperature for storing ice cream!
Between 6 and 10 degrees F is the best temperature for serving ice cream!
Air is an important ingredient in ice cream - it keeps the ice cream from freezing solid!

For more fun facts, visit the source of this trivia.


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