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13 March 2011

Ice Scramble


One of my most favorite things to eat when I was a kid was the ice scramble sold by those guys riding a bike or pushing a cart and shouting to the top of their lungs.

What I remember the most about this is that, mom would always scold me for buying ice scramble from the streets. She had a hard time convincing me that they are not good, so what she did was she bought some shaveed ice, melted it with strawberry syrup and a little water, drizzled some brown cow on top and of course she put some itsy-bitsy marshmallows on it too.

I'd say that hers was way better than what I bought those days.

Today, I see some ice scramble stands in the mall, perfect for the summer season. But, what really made me remember this story is the road side ice scramble sold by one of our neighbors here at home.

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