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14 April 2011

Dream Kitchen

 I'm late for Kitchen Talk, sorry about that.

I found the photo of my dream kitchen from Custom Kitchen Cabinets.

How do I want my kitchen to look like? When I do have enough money to renovate my home, I would like to have a kitchen that looks like a cross of a modern kitchen and a more homey looking space.

I want the back splash to give an indoor-outdoor feel to my kitchen. Something brown and green, like bamboo. Then I want the counter tops to be made of stainless steel - kinda professional looking. Why stainless steel?

It's easy to clean.
There's no grout in between them to worry about.
It is not condusive to mold and mildew
It's easy to sterilize
And a whole lot more!

Unfortunately, it's expensive. I have to look for the next best thing. Probably a slab of granite or something that's not porous, but definitely NO TILES on my countertops. As for cabinets, I'd like them to be black, not hanging though, just below the countertops. I don't like anything hanging which may make it difficult for me to reach a dish or something else.

My dream cabinets should also have specific drawers with racks for bottled herbs and spices, cooking oil, easy to reach and read the labels. And by the way, they should also be within reach when I'm actually cooking or marinading. Then of course, don't forget the pantry! I want something with racks and trays that you can pull out and push back in!

My dream cabinets should be practical, not decorative. I want them to function the way that I want them to. Keep my food, plates and everything else away from countertops, because I hate clutter!

Lastly, I want my kitchen to be accessible, meaning that I don't bump my hips, legs or any part of my body on anything or any surface. You don't need a big space to do this, you just need to learn how to best place your furniture and kitchen essentials in the right spot.

Crossing my fingers and hoping that one of these days, I can post a photo of my kitchen here on my blog.

Brightest Blessings!