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10 April 2011

Weekend Feast #14 {Spin off and continuation of Project 365}

First I'd like to say that I stopped my Foodie 365 project. The reason, I accidentally erased some of my food photos from the previous weeks, thus making my project incomplete.

Instead of a 365 project, I'll just do a 52 week food photo project. A spin-off from the project 365. This means that I will be posting photos of the food that I ate during the weekends and share them here.

Here are my photos for this weekend's feast.


Last Friday, I shared the recipe for my experimental fish dish - Cheese Crusted Cream Dory.

I'm happy to report that my cream dory experiment was a success! Next time I'll try to use parmesian cheese instead of cheddar cheese.


Foodie Memories

Saturday, hubby made some homemade potato chips. It was delicious! He sliced the potatoes into paper thin slices, coated them a little with breading and cayenne powder, fried them. Voila! Potato chips with less grease.

I helped him to fry the potatoes and what I did to lessen the grease was to first fry the potato in oil. After it absorbed enough oil, I then placed it at the edge of the frying pan (the place where the oil did not reach) then allowed the potatoes to fry using the oil it absorbed.

This reminds me of the old Jack and Jill potato chips, not too salty, not too spicy and it tasted like real potatoes.

By the way, I'm hosting a meme called Foodie Memories. If you want to share some memories of certain food items, please feel free to grab the badge at the left sidebar and link up using the CommentLuv widget.

Today, we had


Sauteed Baguio beans with carrots and cabbage. I used diced tofu in place of meat and shrimps.

Before sauteeing the vegetables, I seared the tofu in oil on high heat. Once it was brown/half cooked, I sauteed the garlic and onions, then slowly added the vegetables, the longest to cook goes inside the pan first. No other additives, just salted and sprinkled black ground pepper to taste.

Those are the things that I ate for this weekend's feast. How about you, how was your weekend?

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