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03 April 2011

Weekend Feast #13 {Spin off and Continuation of Project 365}

I accidentally erased my photos from my hard drive because I thought that I was able to transfer all of them to my removable media. Hence, some of my photos for my Foodie 365 are gone.

I was able to salvage these three though and good thing they were all from a weekend feast that hubby and I enjoyed.


Salted eggs + tomatoes + tocino = perfect match for any time of the day!


Another kitchen experiment of mine. I decided to not eat fresh pork sometime ago. I wanted to eat Bistek so much that I decided to try and use chicken breast fillet for the dish. It turned out delicious! Now I have another food recipe up my sleeve should I decide to completely forego eating pork.


Ripe mangoes, I loved them when I was a kid and I never outgrew it. When a vendor who was selling mangoes passed by in front of the house, I didn't blink, I just called him and bought two deliciously ripe mangoes from him.

What do I remember most when eating ripe mangoes? It's not the fresh fruit, but the packed dried mangoes that I used to love. I can't find anything like what I was used to these days. Most of the packed dried mangoes are so dry and flaky that it feels like I'm eating jerky instead of fruits.

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