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02 May 2011

Weekend Feast 16 and 17

Due to some problems with my internet connection, I was not able to post my entries for the memes that I love to join the previous weeks. I'm definitely back online again and what better way to start than to tempt your palates with my previous weekenders.

Weekend Feast 16


Foodie Memories

Last week I made lechon kawali out of some pork chops that I had at home. They were not exactly like the lechon kawali that we tasted years ago from a cafeteria in St. Luke's Hospital, but it was good enough to be paired with Mang Tomas. =)

I remember that when my then boyfriend (now hubby) were a little bit short on the budget, we would walk to the grounds of St. Luke's Hospital and then go to one of the food sellers there. We would patiently wait in line to order their specialty - Lechon Kawali. Thing was, we had to eat lunch as early as 11AM or else, there wouldn't be any of that great tasting dish left for us.

This weekend, here's what we had:


A simple dish of pininyahang manok made a little more special with a dash of dried basil leaves. Quite good!

These dishes are my entries for this week's

Brightest Blessings!