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23 May 2011

Weekend Feast @ Dulcinea

Last Saturday it was time to go to the grocery and run errands again. Hubby and I decided to have lunch at Dulcinea.

Here's what I had last Saturday:


Foodie Memories

Dulcinea's Favoritos - Ala King. It was creamy goodness but I do prefer to have my Ala King in French Baker.

The nice thing about the meal, it was cheap and it came with some goodies for only Php150.00 (details to follow).

I remembered something when we ate there, I remembered that my sister used to buy a log cake from Dulcinea, it was like Brazo de Mercedes, only better. I can't remember the exact name, but I remember the smooth, fluffy and soft texture of that cake. It wasn't sweet and the custard center was like leche flan. Loved it!

Yesterday, I made some Veggies and here's how it looked like


Brightest Blessings!