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07 June 2011

Birthday Feast


Foodie Memories                

Last Saturday, hubby decided to take me on a date for my pre-birthday celebration. We tossed a coin to help us to decide whether we were going to Felicity or to Megamall to look for a suitable restaurant and go around to relax. Megamall won that toss coin so we ended up going to the mall to look for a new place to eat in.

The verdict was - Chef's Quarters at the new Atrium of the mall. The photo above is of a dessert that hubby chose for himself, the Warm Apple Pudding, it was soooooooo yummy!

Before I forget, I would like to welcome you to the first post for my weekly Food Meme - Foodie Memories.

Foodie Memories will be posted every Tuesdays, so I hope you can take time to post a photo and a story.

The rules:

> The photo should be yours. It can be from the archives or something new.
> Please include the Foodie Memories button (code found at the side bar) on your post.
> Tell us a story of the food that you posted and the memories that you have when you eat it.
> For the time being, you can put your links in the comments section.

The memories that pudding and ice cream brings to me:

We never had an oven but mom knows how to make some treats that are supposed to be baked by other means.

She loves saving bread loaves and when she has time she'd make some great tasting pudding for everyone to enjoy.

As for ice cream, I never really liked vanilla, but I learned how to appreciate it when my sister bought some Hershey's Brown Cow and drizzled some on the ice cream. Yummy!

Brightest Blessings!