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09 June 2011

Food Photography and Lighting

An Example of BAD LIGHTING


Examples of Better Lighting

The first and most important thing that any photographer should learn and remember is lighting. How the light plays on your subject can make the shapes and colors of your food stand out, which could then help you convey how good your food tastes like.

As you can see from the three photos above, the first photo did not look appetizing nor enticing. The colors are a little off and I will be the first to admit that it looked rather gross. It would have been better if I took the photo under natural lighting conditions, but because I took the photo at night, I had to use an overhead fluorescent light which made it look cold and bland.

On the other hand, the next two photos looked better because of the light inside the restaurant. I was fortunate that the light inside the establishment highlighted the food.

So now that we see what lighting can do, what should we keep in mind when photographing food and the lighting conditions are less friendly?

1. The most essential tool of a photographer is not the camera, but light. Even if we have an expensive camera in our hands if we don't know how to use light properly, we will still end up with a photo just like the very first one above. 

2. Look for some natural light as best as you can. Natural light can bring out the real colors of your food and it can make dishes look really delicious.

3. Right lighting can bring out the texture and shape of the food on your plate or table. If you can find a flattering light source, it can make your food look more three dimensional instead of leaving it flat and featureless.  

As a food blogger and a photographer, it is important to me that I have great looking food photographs. Food in restaurants have been styled and most of the time, lighting in these establishments are good and are designed to highlight the dishes that they present on your table. So next week, let's talk more about lights and presentation.

Brightest Blessings!