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16 June 2011

Food Photography Tip | Lighting and Presentation

Taken near a window

Taken using natural + artificial light

Natural light works well to highlight the great tasting colors of food. 

If you look closer at the first photo, it doesn't look as delicious as it really was. The reason, light was too harsh that it made the crab look pale and couple that with the clutter and as you can see DISASTER is guaranteed.

The second photo though is quite attractive. The diffused light that came from underneath that plastic sheet reflected a very nice glow which highlighted the browns of the drink. It also helped to take out the shadows that the natural light from the window cast on the wall behind the drink. Lastly, the presentation of the drink was clean and simple, no clutter, a simple background which made the drink stand out even with all the negative space on one side. 

For the past two weeks, we have learned a little about lighting and presentation. I think it's time to challenge those of you who read these tips to put the first two tips to practice and show me what you've got. I'll share some photos next week!

Brightest Blessings!