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22 June 2011

Waldorf Salad

I just loved this serving of Waldorf Salad that I had when I celebrated my birthday a couple of weeks ago. It was refreshing and delicious, a light meal that allowed me to have some more space for other food items.

Are you wondering where and why this salad got its name?
A Waldorf salad is a salad traditionally made of fresh apples, celery and walnuts, dressed in mayonnaise, and usually served on a bed of lettuce as an appetizer or a light meal.
The salad was first created between 1893 and 1896 at the Waldorf Hotel in New York City (the precursor of the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, which opened in 1931).
Oscar Tschirky, who was the Waldorf's maître d'hôtel and developed or inspired many of its signature dishes, is widely credited with creating the recipe.
"Waldorf Salad" is the title of a 1979 episode of Fawlty Towers which concerns an American guest's increasing frustration with Basil Fawlty's incompetence, symbolised by Fawlty's continuing inability to produce the salad of the title: "I think we're just out of Waldorfs." He asks the question: "What is a Waldorf anyway, a walnut that's gone off?".
June serves Waldorf salad as part of a special dinner for Ward in the Leave it to Beaver episode "Beaver’s Short Pants."

Source: Wikipedia

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