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06 July 2011

Clara Ole | Share Eat!

I read this on my friend Jenn's Food Blog (thanks Jenn!) and I got interested.

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Aside from wanting to spread the good news to as many people as possible, one other reason for me to share the event is, I use Clara Ole products like their spaghetti sauces and our most recent addiction: the Parmesian Vinaigrette.

I hope I could attend this event. I don't really plan to join the contest, but hey, it's an opportunity to photograph more food!


> Registration for the event starts at 9AM on Sunday the 10th of July.
> Event starts at 10AM
> The event will be held at the Mercato Centrale
> The photo contest will be open to a) Food Bloggers and b) non-bloggers

Interested? I know I am!

Brightest Blessings!