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29 July 2011

Pan de Amerikana | Upside Down Restaurant, Katipunan Avenue

Pan de Amerikana
131 Katipunan Avenue, St. Ignatius, Quezon City

For Inquiries, please call
(02) 442.5601 (Katipunan Branch)
(02) 475.2398 (Marikina Branch)

I have featured a review of Pan de Amerikana a few months ago and that was the time when hubby and I went to their branch in Marikina. The Marikina branch boasts of a chess themed dining place while the Katipunan branch is known as the first and only Upside-Down Restaurant in Asia.

The facade is totally upside down! One could only really understand when you see it personally. And inside the restaurant, there's an upside down living room hanging from the ceiling complete with an upside down baby grand piano! What a theme!

But of course we didn't go there just to look at the facade and take photos, we went there for the food.

Fresh Lumpia Php40.00

It was quite tasty, but it was lacking in certain flavors like garlic and a little of the sweetness that I associate with the sauce of the lumpia. Overall though, it was good and cheap.

T-Bone Steak Php170.00

For the price and size, this one really stole the show! The steak was tender but not raw (rare), it was juicy despite the fact that it was well done. I would definitely go back to any of their branches to eat steak again.

Bicol Express Php40.00

If you're into spicy food, this one is definitely for you. The serving is good enough to be shared by two people, although small, because of the taste and the spicy-ness you may tend to have more rice with just a tiny amount of this delicious dish.

Everlasting Php40.00

I don't exactly know what this dish is, but from what I tasted, it was made from ground pork with some green peas and other things that I can't remember. Quite plain, but again, for the price you can't ask for anything more.

As for the service, it was fast and efficient. The crew were friendly and accommodating and you don't need to ask twice for anything.

The ambiance, the restaurant is built with high ceilings and windows to let natural air in. However, since it is in the middle of a busy street, it would have been a little better if they had more fans to help with circulation.

The price: For all the things that we ate, including a pitcher of Ice Tea and 2 servings of plain rice, we paid a total of Php400.00! Cheap + quite good food = My Cup of Tea!

Brightest Blessings!


Update: 07 July 2017: Sorry for the missing photos. My images used to be hosted on Photobucket and Now I can't download them to transfer them to another site so I can show them again here.