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05 July 2011

Weekend Feast of Memories

I can't believe that I let the past few weekend eating slide.

Anyway, here are two of my previous weekend feasts:

First up: Baked Cream Dory with Parmesian Vinaigrette and Chips


Another experiment in the kitchen. Cream Dory is a very versatile fish that you can use it for almost any dish that you can think of.

Aside from being easy to cook, it doesn't taste too fishy (malansa) which means that it is a great main ingredient for fried or baked and maybe I'll try a dish with broth in it as well.

Then we had Bicol Express


Foodie Memories

Really love spicy food and this Bicol Express just fit my taste to a tee.

What I remember most about this dish is, when my brother-in-law was working as a seaman, he asked me to cook some of this spicy dish for him because his friend went home to the Philippines and the friend can bring it to him.

BTW, I learned the basics of this dish through a good friend of mine.

Brightest Blessings!