Anti Plagiarism

17 August 2011

Disappointed and Disgusted

This blog has been in existence for about a year and today when I checked some of my posts I noticed that this blog has been toyed with. 

Two posts of mine had two photos changed into an icon of someone whom I don't know and when I checked on my badges, I noticed that one of them was changed as well into something that I would never even think of putting up. 

For that someone to take time to change the contents on this blog only means one thing, that person cannot write anything decent, take decent photos and even take time to put up a blog. Should you be reading this post, I hope that you do realize that destroying someone's intellectual property is a very low blow, it is disappointing and definitely disgusting.

I ask that you not destroy other people's hard work. Try respecting others, it works.

Brightest Blessings!