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02 August 2011

Memories with Thermos

Today I'm not going to talk about food. Indulge me as I walk down memory lane with something else, although still connected with food.

I have said in my previous post that I, together with my husband attended the event that Thermos Brand hosted in cooperation with Shangri-La Plaza. When I got there I was surprised at all the new products of Thermos.

My memories start with having two Thermos jugs when I was in Pre-School. My mom used to pack two drinks for me in two separate Thermos flasks. The first flask contained Hot Milo because I always wake up late and I don't eat breakfast, she packs something with substance for me. The other one would be a flask with some cold juice or even water so that I don't get thirsty during my stay in school. This "tradition" so to speak continued until I was in 4th grade. After which, my mom would then let me choose my drinks and pack it in my bag, still using my Thermos flask. One thing that I can safely say, my flasks lasted for a long time.

Other things that I remember, at home, we always have a big Thermos flask to keep our hot water in and those flasks really kept the water warm until I arrive home from school. Mom would usually make me those instant oatmeal snacks using the water from the flask at home.

I can't speak for my husband, but we have talked about the brand and he has told me that he also had the same experiences as I did.  By the way, he fell in love with one of the new flasks which were on display during the Thermos event and his request, he wants one as either a birthday present or a Christmas gift. The only thing that worries me, it wouldn't be a surprise anymore, since I have to ask him which one he prefers, or if there's a new product out by then, he may want the new product as his gift. =)

Some may say that the products are quite pricey. This is my only rebuttal, if a product is quite pricey, but it lasts for a long time, then I prefer the pricey one. The reason, the costs of replacing something that breaks down within a short period of time would be a lot higher over time than buying something that is pricey but would last a long time.

Brightest Blessings!