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30 August 2011

Weekend Feast | For the Love of Food and Everything That Is Holy!!!


     Foodie Memories

Have you ever had something quite nice, yet when you try to find it you end up getting frustrated?

Here's the low down on this simple yet quite tasty snack. Hubby and I adore it, we can go through a bag in one day but after the first time I bought it, I had a hard time finding it again in the grocery. Why? Because the first time I saw it, I didn't read the label, I assumed that it was spelled correctly. Lo and Behold! When we went to the grocery, I found out that the reason for me not seeing at once is because it was spelled using "Text Lingo"!

For the love of food and everything that is holy, why can't they spell this thing right? I know that marketing strategists would say that it's all part of selling the product, to make it more memorable. I gotta say this though, if not for the packaging, I wouldn't even remotely think that this was the same snack that hubby and I bought the first time.

And now people are wondering why kids can't spell right or even construct a decent simple English sentence these days....


I miss those days when all you have to do is go to the grocery and everything is easy to find just because you can read and spell.

Brightest Blessings!