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15 August 2011

Weekend Feast | Yema Tart and a Slice of Cake

I wasn't able to join Weekend Eating last week, so in order to complete my 52 week food project, here I am again posting two weekend's worth of food.

Last week:


August 7th hubby and I went to the grocery. I love the sweets from Sitsirya and one of my definite favorites is the yema tart. What I love about it, it's not too sweet and even if the yema is placed in tart cups you can still taste the milk of the custard.

This past weekend:


Was hubby's birthday. To celebrate his birthday I cooked some pancit and we had some Capuccino cake from Goldilocks. Again, the cake was not too sweet and the mocha with the chocolate glaze made his birthday a little more special.

Brightest Blessings!