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15 September 2011

Enhancing Your Food Photos

Please allow me to share something different this Friday to you guys.

It's so nice to see good looking food photographs. Restaurants and other food service industries rely on the quality of their photos to draw in customers. I mean, we have to admit it, if something does not look appetizing on photos would we even dare to try eating it? Personally, I wouldn't.

If you have a food blog, how do you expect people to look at your recipes or your food reviews if you do not have decent photos?

Here's a tip on enhancing your photos visually to make it more appealing to your readers.



One thing that I do not want to see on food photos is a representation of a plate of some greasy, oily fried food.

What can you do to make your fried food look appetizing without making it look like it's swimming in oil? 

> Try to take a photo of your fried food after you take it out of the frying pan. The oil that's clinging on to the surface of your food has not yet dried up so it would still show in  your photos. 

> If you can't avoid taking a photo of your fried food after a few minutes, you may want to drizzle your food with some dressing and sprinkle it with a dash of some fresh herbs.

> Plate your food in a manner that would show some contrast in colors, height and texture. Avoid making your food look so flat.

> Angles, angles and angles. Take photos of your food from different angles and camera positions.

> Lighting and white balance, check them both. You don't want your photos to look pale, cold and stale. Check your light source and see if your white balance settings are appropriate. Try to take the settings out of auto and experiment until you get a more natural looking photograph.

> And lastly when it comes to post processing, remember that when it comes to food photos, less is more. Avoid too much contrast boost, color saturation and things that you may experiment with on other photos. Make it look more natural.


Brightest Blessings!