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21 October 2011

Appetite Restaurant Festival 2011, Part 2

Last week I shared some of the images from the launch of the Appetite Restaurant Festival 2011. Today, I'll be sharing the first three restaurants that I had the pleasure of tasting the food from. Without any further delays, here they are:

Serves Filipino dishes
Location: 6/F Shangri-La Plaza
Contact Number: (02) 636 1510


Appetite Menu Php500

> Ensaladang Prutas at Lato


> Seared Tilapia with Coconut Emulsion


> Pork Humba


> Durian Brulee (no photo available)

The plates were near this participating restaurant so my friend Jenn and I decided to start our foodie tour with food from C2.

As we were getting our food, I asked the server to just put the tilapia on my plate. I can say that I enjoyed it and I wouldn't hesitate to go to this restaurant to try their other dishes. As for the pork and the brulee, I am avoiding fatty red meat and since I saw that there were chunks of fat on the meat I decided not to even taste it. Durian is something that I don't eat too much of. I can eat one piece of the candy but not all the time so I decided to not try it as well.

Serves Asian Cuisine
Location: Level 6 The Ledge, Shangri-La Plaza Mall, Mandaluyong City
Contact Number: (02) 9104096


Appetite Menu Php798

> Steamed Fish Fillets with Black Bean Tapenade (no photo)

> Hunan Cumin Ribs (no photo)

> The Grand Javanese Sampler


> Indonesian Banana and Caramel Crepes


When I got to Crustasia, I asked the server to put one piece of rib, a slice of the fish and one Javanese sampler. 

My thoughts

> The rib was good.
> The Javanese sampler that I got was a little oily.
> The fish fillet was spicy and definitely my favorite!

Serves Asian
Location: G/F Shangri-La Mall
Contact Number: (02) 633 8481


Appetite Menu Php500

> California Maki, Pork BBQ in skewers, Thai Tago with Water Chesnut (pictured in photo below far left)


> Lemon Chicken Fillet with Tangy Sauce served with Garlic Rice


The food from Lemongrass was superb! I was able to try the California Maki and the lemon chicken. You can actually eat the Maki even without the condiment/dip. The chicken wasn't dry and you can actually taste the lemon in the sauce.

As for dessert, I only tasted it from Jenn's serving and it was quite good. Maybe I should try going to Lemongrass during my diet cheat day so I can eat more of that gooey and yummy dessert. 

From these three restaurants I'd say that Lemongrass was love at first bite. I might visit their restaurant either tomorrow or Sunday.


I was able to sample the food from 11 different restaurants at the event. I'll be posting the others in the next weeks.

The Appetite Menu from these restaurants is available until the 30th of November. I suggest that you try the food from any of the participating restaurants.


As fortunate as I was to be invited to the event which happened last October 13 all the opinions on this article are solely the author's and is no way influenced or asked by Appetite Magazine, Shangri-La Plaza, Mastercard or any of the restaurants which participated in the said event.

Brightest Blessings!