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14 November 2011

Butter Macaroons on a Diet?


Let's talk about something that no dieting person in their right mind would go grab and eat, especially when they are on a diet - Goldilocks' Butter Macaroons.

When I started this road to wellness I thought that I had to give up everything that I love to eat - sweets! And I challenged myself if I can stay on this path for more than one month. Officially, I have been on the diet and exercise routine for a month and a half and I'm glad to say that I haven't gained a single pound, instead I've shed some last October and when I checked the scales earlier today, I found that I have lost a total of at least 4 more pounds for the last 2 weeks! 

Scary as it may be, I found that I can eat anything as long as I know my portions. Yes, these macaroons are temptingly sweet, but since I have learned how to control what and how much I eat, I was able to get a taste of this simple treat last weekend.

I consider Saturdays to be my cheat days - reward days for some, but I still had some macaroons yesterday (Sunday) so I decided to eat the last two pieces sharing them with hubby. So yesterday, it was one macaroon and a looooot of water.

Who said that I have to deny myself of the sweet things in life? 

Brightest Blessings!