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30 November 2011

Natural Light Food Photography


What's the best lighting when it comes to food photography?

Many photographers have different opinions when it comes to photographing food. Some would say that the best way to do it is by using a studio set up, combining different lights to create a great looking food photograph. There are those who would say that in order to make your photos look a little more natural, you can go ahead and place your food near the window to make use of natural lighting.

What do I have to say about it?

Hmmm, I'm not a professional food photographer, but I'm trying to learn the ropes. My personal favorite when it comes to taking food photos would be natural lighting. 

What do I do to get some appetizing photos?

I experiment with where I put my food. There are times that I place it on the counter, near the window. There are times that I choose to bring it near the stove where there is a lot of natural light. Then there are times that I would take the food to a spot in the house where there is a contrast of light and shadows.

What's the answer then?

If you love natural light, try and take advantage of all that it could bring to your photographs. Experiment with the placement of your plate, near the window, far from natural light or somewhere in between. Once you place your plate in a location, take photos from different angles, different sides then transfer to another location with a different lighting situation, take more photos then transfer again.

Once you feel like you have more than enough shots, transfer it to your PC and then look at them closely. Choose the one that looks more natural, colors, lighting, sharpness and everything else that you look for in a photo. And like what I always say, do not overdo the processing. Correct the white balance, contrast and sharpen it a bit. 

Brightest Blessings!