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10 November 2011

Quick Healthy Meals for People on the Go!

Today, I'm posting an article sent by Carolyn Knight from Blog Content Guild. Here's what she has to say

Leading a healthy life usually means eating right. However, eating healthy can be a challenge for some. With busy schedules and grueling work hours, people just don’t have time for food preparation. But you don’t have to spend hours and hours in the kitchen to eat healthy. Additionally, a healthy meal can be just as delicious as junk food. With a little bit of creativity and innovation, you can whip up some yummy, quick healthy meals! You never know, you may that perfect ingredient spices up your healthy, yet boring, recipe. Here are some ways to eat healthy, without disappointing your taste-buds.

Balance your Meals

It is important for you to make an effort to serve well-balanced meals when you cook up something in the kitchen. Every meal should include a wide variety of foods, such as veggies, fruits, dairy, protein, and grains.

Know your Portions

Always keep in mind that just because you are trying to lead a healthy lifestyle does not necessarily mean that you have to give up the good stuff, such as cakes and takeout food! The secret to maintaining a healthy weight, while satisfying your sweet tooth, is in portion control. Instead of taking a whole slice of pizza, for example, take half of it. This way, you are able to satisfy your yearning and, at the same time, cut your calorie intake in half!

Get in the Kitchen

Preparing a meal at home has a number of advantages. For example, when preparing a meal at home, you have full control of your portions. You can also guarantee that the food you are about to chow down is not loaded with oil, butter, and other unhealthy, fatty preservatives. It is good to eat out and grab some hamburgers once in a while, but nothing beats a warm, home-cooked meal! Maybe it’s a good starting point when you want to watch on your diet to minimize eating out and practice eating at home. If you don’t have much confidence in your culinary prowess, you can always search the internet for some new ideas and recipes to spice up your old favorite dishes. Try to be bold once in a while by experimenting with food that varies in color or by using exotic spices. A colorful dish is usually full of nutritional value. Purple and blue fruits and vegetables are rich in fiber, resveratrol, and zeaxanthin. When you want something that contains Vitamin C and beta-carotene, go for yellow fruits and vegetables. These scrumptious fruits and vegetables can substitute for your typical starch. Rather than going out and ordering lasagna, why not prepare for a sumptuous eggplant parmigiana. Don’t be fooled, this recipe is really very easy to prepare!

Brightest Blessings!