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22 February 2013

Yoshinoya, SM Megamall Branch

Saturday, the 15th of February, hubby and I were looking for a place to eat after hitting the gym. We ended up in SM Megamall, but since it was a the Saturday after both payday and Valentine's Day, most of the restaurants in the mall were full to the brim.

In our "quest" we ended up eating in Yoshinoya, a Japanese themed restaurant.

Hubby ordered this:

The Tonkatsu Bento Box. While the serving was big, there were several things that we didn't like. According to hubby the breading for the pork was way too thick and I have to agree with him on that. The vegetable side dish was a little over done and bland. As for the salad, yes, the serving comes with a small amount of fruit salad, it was unremarkable. The sauce also came straight from the fridge, too cold!

My choice for brunch was the Chicken Teriyaki. To sum it up, it was an ordinary dish, nothing to set it apart from other restaurants serving the same dish. It's main serving grace was that the serving was also huge. The chicken strips were tender and juicy, but the vegetables were soggy.

And our side order of California Maki. It wasn't bad, but also nothing to set it apart from other places that serve the same food.

My final words/thoughts about it: We paid under Php500, about Php457 for a meal for 2 with 2 large red iced tea (which tasted very much like Lipton Red Iced Tea). It was a little bit on the steep side, they charged me extra when I asked for their extra teriyaki sauce, which in for my taste was bland and tasted more like soy sauce with corn starch. I'd rather go to a different Japanese restaurant than to go back to Yoshinoya. 


Brightest Blessings!