Anti Plagiarism

08 March 2013


I must say that coffee was really not my first love. My hot drinks were mostly hot chocolate and tea as a kid, as I got older, I learned how to make my own iced tea at home. As a busy adult, I'm thankful that there's a cool place that serves tea just the way I like it - Chatime!

Last Saturday after hitting the gym, hubby and I decided to quench our thirst by going to Chatime and trying out some of their fruit flavored drinks.

My choice was the Passion Fruit Green Tea. I must say, it was refreshing and it really took away the thirst from the hard work at the gym. My drink - less ice, half sugar, sour with a tinge of sweetness, delicious!

Hubby's choice was the Kumquat Lemon Juice. I tried it and it had just the right amount of sweetness to it. Also, the Kumquat Lemon Juice is served without sugar, just a small amount of honey to sweeten it a bit.

Why do I like Chatime? You can customize your drink as to how much ice and sugar you want in them. Their flavor list is also extensive. Can't wait to try more from this tea chain.

Brightest Blessings!