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15 March 2013

Quiznos Review

I first heard of Quiznos from one of my favorite shows - The Big Bang Theory. So, one night when I passed by Eastwood City to pick up hubby, I was surprised to see a Quiznos open behind the Eastwood City Mall.

What we had:

Hubby's choice: The Classic Club

And for me: Chicken Carbonara

Our opinion:

The service : Considering that they made the subs upon ordering, they were able to serve it quite fast. You don't even have to guess because they give you a buzzer that vibrates as soon as your food is ready on the counter.

The food :  They have 3 sizes for their subs. Small is at 5", the Regular is at 8" and the Large is at 11". We each went for the Regular subs and from the size of the serving, I'd say that one Regular is good for 2 people, not unless you haven't had anything to eat before going there.

The price : The sandwiches are quite bigger and the prices are reasonable. Compared to other places that serve sub sandwiches, I'd recommend Quizos anytime.

And oh! What really made our day was that the sandwich fillings don't fall off when you bite onto them. Great taste, enough filling and a size that would make you full, it's the way to go.


Brightest Blessings!