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31 May 2013

ArmyNavy - Burger + Burrito Review

Here I am reporting another food adventure. This time, it's over at ArmyNavy Burger + Burrito.

We visited their branch located at the Atrium of SM Megamall one lazy Saturday afternoon.What first caught my attention was the motto that they have painted on the wall.

"Come in Hungry. Walk Out Happy."

With this in mind, we walked over to the counter to place our order. We both had the Chicken Burrito,  Freedom Fries and a glass each of Libertea Iced Tea. 

 Let's start with the burrito. It was quite big, similar to the serving size of a small Mexicali Burrito. The serving came with a small portion of sour cream and salsa with an equally small sized slice of lime. 

The taste wasn't exceptional, it's so common that it tasted like almost every other burrito that I've had. What's even more frustrating is that it didn't even come with a side dish. For the price, Mexicali's is better, it comes with a small portion of nacho chips.

Since there wasn't any side dish, we ordered a serving of Freedom Fries each. What I liked about it, it was a little spicy. When we got to eat though, I thought it was a little bit soggy and well, the size wasn't impressive.

For drinks, we had the Libertea. It was sweet and it had quite a copious amount of foam.

Final Thoughts? For the price, I expected a little bit more. The ambiance makes you think that you're in the mess hall of some barracks, quite uncomfortable. If you have a back problem, it would be best that place your order to go.

Would I go back there? Not in the near future.


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